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Grace's Place

Tripaw Bulldog – Living with Osteosarcoma

approach 3rd month ampuversary and doing great!

We’ve been spending lots of time at the park and playing in the yard and going on some super fun adventures…so, we haven’t had much computer time. Will update with more pix soon. Cheers!

Updates on my treatment and progress

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Trying to keep the blog upbeat and fun!  Because that’s the tone of my beautiful girl.  She is a fighter and has so much will.  There’s a saying….”loyal and stubborn as a bulldog”.  I believe her strong will to live is contributing to her quick recovery and well being. 

We’ve gone thru 2 rounds of chemo so far and will be doing the 3rd round in a few weeks (carboplatin).  She’s responding really well.  Not nautious or depressed or anything.  She feels good. 

We’ve also incorporated some homeopathic remedies that seem to be adding to her strengthened immune system and overall well being.  The K9 immunity and Transfactor are also working.  She doesn’t really like the flavor of this, but I manage to get her to take it with some treats.  Break open the pills, add fish oil and some whipping cream or cream cheese.

I’ve made some great friends on this website and have gained so much knowledge in my quest to come up with the best treatment for Grace.  I feel good about our regimen and can now focus on loving her and giving her all my time and attention.  A few friends, in hindsight, had said they went a little overboard on the supplements and treatments.  I get that…we love our best buddies, companions with our entire heart, so deeply…that we will go to extreme lengths and do whatever necessary to help them feel good and live a long, happy life. 

We are focusing on all the good stuff, and there’s a lot of it!  I’ve recently read some wonderful success stories too of dogs living 3, 4 and even 5 years from the time diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  Grace will be 11 in November, and she’s still acts like a puppy a lot of the time.

For those of you going thru this horrible fight with cancer, I am sorry.  Stay positive and enjoy every day with your beloved companion.  I feel much better after doing 2 months of solid, full time research on how to treat this thing, that I can now focus on Grace.  Just Grace.  All about Grace.  I love her so much, she’s my best friend.  Oh, and BTW, my husband has been an absolute gem thru this process.  and that’s helped more than words can say. 

Hang in there!  Stay Strong.  and Be Positive!  

Blessings, Erin and Grace

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relaxing in lake tahoe

super fun family vacation

absolutely zonked after some seriously fun water play!

Pool Party!!! Every in!

we have floaty for her, for the deep end

new pix from my lake tahoe trip and family pool party

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